About me

Hi, I’m Alejandro. I was born and raised in Venezuela and now living in Madrid, Spain.

I’m extremely curious by nature, so I love to immerse myself into intricate projects, learn as much as possible from them, and come out with new, creative solutions to whatever problem I’m trying to solve. This trait has led me to initiate several personal projects in the last few years, most of which include writing, speaking, or expressing my ideas in any way that can be useful for people.

I started designing because of said projects: I always needed visual assets for my website or social media pages, so I learned how to use design tools in order to create them. Once I started building my designing skills, friends started reaching out because they needed a banner, a social post, or anything related, so I started helping them and word spread that I was now a designer. That’s how my freelancing career took off, and up until this point, it’s been quite a journey.

Outside of the workplace, I’m usually taking walks, reading non-fiction books, or maybe watching movies with my girlfriend. I consider myself to have a highly creative mind, so I’m always thinking about new ideas, products, or new solutions to problems I might be having at the moment.

Looking back into the last 5-8 years, I’ve discovered a pattern: I tend to pick projects that require persistence, endurance, long term thinking, adaptability. I’m put off by jobs that are too repetitive, by things that you learn once and then keep doing in auto-pilot forever. Whatever the reason, I need to keep learning and improving, and in the task in front of me takes me the limit of my abilities and makes me better in the process… That’s the kind of thing that will be a pleasure for me to do.

Years ago, I discovered that cold exposure is beneficial for the mind and body, so this is me, shirtless, at a mountain in Italy at approximately 7°C (pretty cold for most people). Learning how to tolerate the cold have been maybe the hardest thing I've done in my life, but I swear... It's sooo rewarding.

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If you have an interesting question, project, or anything that you think I can help you with, please feel free to contact me and tell me about it. Here you have some ways to reach me out:

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